Abhaya Holistic Center Classes

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, recognized as the mother of all yogas, is the yoga of consciousness. It originated in India, dating back to at least 3000 years ago, and was brought to America by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. It was jealously guarded by Yogis that were very advanced in studies of body, mind and soul. Kundalini yoga has been taught directly from person to person in order to cultivate and maintain the connection between teacher and student. It keeps its origin and its lineage. Kundalini Yoga requires a discipline in which the student develops the perfect balance between mind, body and soul, becoming a very healthy person with a well-focused and directed mind, living in harmony.

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Sadhana Acuariana

Aquarian Sadhana is offered every Sunday at 4:30 am. We come together in spirit, body and mind to infinity. This practice is of extraordinary benefit as we prepare ourselves to serve the universe and the universe also serves us. Voluntary donation.

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Private Class

Rate: $120
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  •  $21 1 class
  •  $85 5 class
  •  $160 10 class
  •  $230 15 class
  •  $250 1 month unlimited