The Power of Your Voice: A Workshop to be Heard
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The Power of Your Voice: A Workshop to be Heard

  • 25.05.2019
  • 05:00 pm - 07:30
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The Power of Your Voice: A Workshop to be Heard
Date and Time: Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 5:00 PM
Length: 2.5 hours

Early Bird: $38 per participant
Price after May 21st: $47
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“The Power of Your Voice” is a workshop designed for those who want to connect with their voice in a conscious way. As voice is our medium of communicating our inner thoughts and feelings with the world, we want to make sure that we feel comfortable with our sound, both through speaking and singing.
Where does that sound come from? How is it related to our body and our breathing? What is the link between our voice, our mind, our soul and our body? How is it related to the way that I feel emotionally?
Through a combination of Indian voice meditation, a classical western musical approach and a hint of the Lichtenberg voice technique, we will discover our own sound and how to use that for a more harmonious speaking and singing.

What can I expect from this workshop?
We will start the workshop with a short meditation to settle in to the moment and let go of the day. This will follow up with some light yoga movements to settle into our bodies and make sure there is no tension blocking our voice. We will then go through some breathing exercises that will show us an empirical way about where our breath comes from and how this breath relates to our voice. As a result of this, we will slowly start to gain control over our breath and sound. Using vocal techniques we will learn how to open up our throats, relax our jaws and facial muscles, and loosen our tongue. We will then be prepared for a deeper understanding of the voice. Meditating on our voice using a tan-pura, we will become conscious of the resonances of each tone. As we learn to relate the sound to our bodily experience, we can use it as an instrument of expression. Using the energy and sound of the group, we will discover how it is to express ourselves freely and letting our newly discovered sound become our own.

Who is Iris?
Iris is a singer and anthropologist from Holland who traveled from an early age around the world learning about the voice and the Self in many different cultures. Currently she is working on her first solo album in Miami with all self-composed songs that touch the soul. With her workshops and private lessons she wants to offer an opportunity to people to have those tools they need to feel comfortable with their own voice when they speak or sing. She combines her musical knowledge with her intellectual background and spiritual interest.
While leading a workshop, she holds the space and ensures everyone is seen and heard. She creates a tranquil atmosphere where people feel at ease and free to explore.


Abhaya Holistic Center

2490 Coral Way suite 200


Abhaya Holistic Center

2490 Coral Way suite 200 Miami, FL 33145


  • Limits:
    21 participants