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Gong For Healing

“The one who hears the gong listens to the universe” –Yogi Bhajan .


The gong is a very simple but incredible powerful instrument. It’s a vibrating system. It is the sound of creativity.


The importance of the sound of the gong during the relaxation, meditation and healing process is broad, since it impacts the body and its meridians. Releases the blockages, reduces tension and stress and stimulates circulation. The result is a reorganization of the energy itself, removes negative emotionality. It is considered a very powerful tool in alternative medicine.
Transcendent consciousness creates changes in the world by simply being, without external actions needed.


We also offer a workshop on Sat Nam Rasayan where we review some qualities of the Sacred Space through Kundalini Yoga practices.

Healing Gong
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Gong Relaxing

It only takes 20 minutes to achieve the perfect balance between mind, body and soul. When you are in complete relaxation, your mind and body deeply connect.


Due to its high sonic vibration frequency, the Gong brings you to a quiet mental state.This allows you to reorganize your thoughts and ideas. As a result, all the muscles in your body instantly relax, eliminating stress, as well as physical and mental fatigue. This will allow you to become a more active and healthy person.

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Healing Gong Therapy

Sat Nam Rasayan



In traditional healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, consciousness is the only healing element. The curator makes a relationship with the patient being aware of all the experience to him and heals him to produce a change in their own experience. This means that consciousness of the healer has become transcendent and happens because he has come into contact with a dimension we call “Sacred Space’’ Guru Dev Singh explains the transcendence according to the following path: “The changes that curator produces in their own conscience modify the relationship and this modifies the disease.’’


The transcendent consciousness is the one that produces changes in the world for the simple fact of producing them itself, without external actions needed.


During workshop Sat Nam Rasayan we review some qualities of the Sacred Space through Kundalini Yoga practices. By Federico Gaxiola

Sat Nam Rasayan