Holistic Healing Services

The sacred, comfortable, and supportive energy you feel at Abhaya makes this an ideal place for healing and recovery of all types. Every session is targeted to your specific needs or desires to help you heal and improve a specific situation.

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Holistic Therapy - One to One

A very complete therapy that combines counseling, kundalini yoga, meditation and sound healing. Holistic Therapy treats the individual as a whole: mind, body and spirit. It is effectively used to treat stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacs, sleep disorders, chronic pain, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, among other emotional conflicts or disorders.

For thousands of years, yogis in India have experienced postures and meditations that are not only very useful but in this case, the solution. This practice is the cure. The holistic therapy offered at Abhaya Holistic Center contains all the elements to heal us and get us out of a mental or emotional state of confusion and anguish. Stress and disease no longer seem like endless suffering.

We first start by recognizing what happens inside our being, accepting it to be aware and to act on it. Looking at this, not from the “Why” but from the “What for”. We modify our perception to know the “What for”.

Holistic Therapy treats the individual as a whole: mind, body and spirit; and not as a sick person. One of the things that differentiate Abhaya’s Holistic Therapy from others is the use of Gong sound. This vibration penetrates to very deep levels and has the capacity to restructure organs and systems. The brain receives a new stream of chemical substances modifying the blood chemistry and regulating the functions of the internal organs. Expands the ability to maintain a focused mind and clear thoughts. Emotions and feelings, as well as sensations, are recognized and understood; so acceptance and change are a consequence. Our immune system is strengthened.
The tools that Kundalini Yoga offers us in holistic therapy are many. We act on the mind using the reasoning of thought, meditating. This means to silence the mind so that the subconscious and the superconscious connect to give us expansion and power over our own actions and resolutions. It opens the opportunity to recognize within, the power to change our thoughts, our lives. Improving our life day by day.
Being happy is your right, but nobody apart from you was born to make you happy, even if that person wanted to. Each one of us is responsible for our own life, for our own actions. The capacity is in you and you can heal yourself.