Holistic Healing Services

The sacred, comfortable, and supportive energy you feel at Abhaya makes this an ideal place for healing and recovery of all types. Every session is targeted to your specific needs or desires to help you heal and improve a specific situation.

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Virtual One-to-One Kundalini Yoga

This 90-minute class can be designed to work on your specific needs. Kundalini is rejuvenating, energizing, and healing, physically as well as emotionally. It is an effective tool in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, among many other emotional and physical situations. Kundalini supports all aspects and stages of life.

Kundalini yoga, also known as the yoga of awareness, is a very comprehensive practice. It combines postures (asanas), breath (pranayama), and the chanting of mantras to awaken energy within our bodies. Through practice, we learn to harness this energy and create a heightened state of awareness which enables us to actualize our creative spiritual potential, and generate physical and mental wellbeing for ourselves and others.

Working directly with the glandular system, Kundalini Yoga stimulates brain function, circulates your energy, unlocks the life force and strengthens the nervous and immune systems.