Holistic Healing Services

The sacred, comfortable, and supportive energy you feel at Abhaya makes this an ideal place for healing and recovery of all types. Every session is targeted to your specific needs or desires to help you heal and improve a specific situation.

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Healing with Sat Nam Rasayan

In traditional healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, consciousness is the only healing element. The healer establishes a relationship with the patient. Being aware of all the experience and patients background, she proceeds to healing and produces a change in their own experience. This means that the consciousness of the healer has become transcendent and happens because he has come into contact with a dimension we call “Sacred Space’’. Guru Dev Singh explains the transcendence according to the following path: “The changes that curator produces in their own conscience modify the relationship and this modifies the disease.’’

The transcendent consciousness is the one that produces changes in the world for the simple fact of producing them itself, without external actions needed.