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Open your heart, body, mind, and soul to a wonderful and soothing experience that will make your inner-light shine brighter and clearer than ever before. Be healthy, be holy, be happy! No experience necessary. Suitable for ALL levels.  

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Shakti Dance - The Dance of Yoga

Feel the Animating Life Force Pulsing Through Your Body.
As a a form of yoga, Shakti Dance uses flowing, rhythmic, organic movements to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Combining breath, movement, mantra and mindfulness, we are returned to our true nature - tuning the body as in an instrument to express our essence with original creativity and authenticity.
Practicing Shakti Dance returns you to a pre-conditioned state of being, entering into pure creative flow. In essence, this practice cultivates the free, organic expression of our inner being. It allows you to relax deeply and release physical tension in order become more present in the stillness - the place where healing happens and inspiration is born.
The Shakti Dance classes is offered EVERY last Sunday of EVERY month..