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Explore a life-changing program you will love and your Body, Mind, and Soul will thank you. We offer an extraordinary yoga, meditation, and healing practice and education that feature world renowned instructors uniting ancient teachings, science, and spiritual guidance. Come and experience the difference.

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40-Day Kundalini Yoga: The Path to Wellness Program

The Path to Wellness Program consists of:

40 conscecutive Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes to work towards a specific goal:

Present Mind. Change unwanted habits. Connect with your inner guidance and empower yourself, balance your emotions. Strengthen your body, achieve radiance, experience happiness from within...


Dates: March 8th to April 16th

Investment: $560 ($14 per class)

Investment includes all 40 kundalini yoga consecutive classes plus 20% off on all workshops and events during the 40-day program.


A regular Kundalini Yoga class is $25. Taking this program is an investment in yourself and you will be saving over $500.

Note: Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, these classes are not part of any other class pack or membership.