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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sound Healing Gong Bath & Kundalini Meditation

The full moon is a time when our life-force can reach a point of expansion, a time where you can see the manifestation of your work and your desires. At the same time, the eclipse has the potential of bringing rapid shifts and unexpected twists of fate into our lives, helping us realign with our destiny, but it all depends on what we do to prepare…  This gong bath meditation is the perfect opportunity to tune in, align your chakras, become present and fully grounded.
Everything is amplified, so when we bring our mind and body to relaxed, joyful, and elevated meditative states with the healing sound of the gongs, it is extra powerful! Your mind clears, you achieve a moment of healing and you become empowered. This is crucial, as only when you are in your power, your intuition and instincts can be heard enough to manifest.