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FULL MOON Gong Bath & Kundalini Meditation

At Our Private Garden

Monday, April 26 @ 7:00pm (In-Person Event)


This Full Moon, one of the few Super Moons of 2021, join us for a very powerful Sound Healing Gong Bath & Kundalini Meditation at our private garden in Miami.

Strengthen your body, focus your mind, increase your creativity and uplift your spirit.  Redirect the energy to encourage your path and allow the cosmic vibrations wash away stress and all that no longer serves you!

Every month, we invite the energy of the Full Moon into our lives and take advantage of the benefits it brings us.

A Gong Bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious and calms the mind, bringing you to a deep meditative state of mind and activating your body’s natural healing systems.

The Benefits:
✔️Activates Higher States of  Consciousness
✔️Unlocks Blocked Emotions
✔️Relieves Anxiety and Stress
✔️Induces Complete Relaxation
✔️Promotes Deep Meditation
✔️Heightens Clarity
✔️Improves Ability to Concentrate
✔️Relieves Insomnia
✔️Decreases Depression
✔️Normalizes Blood Pressure
✔️Relieves Physical Pain
✔️Release Emotional Trauma
✔️Increases Ability to Manifest

The effect of the gongs will keep working on your body for 28 days, which is why we recommend you experience this at least every 28 days. Of course, the more you immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of the gong, the more benefits you will experience.


Energy Exchange: $40

Register online under the Schedule or Call Us 305-790-0308 to reserve your spot.

Space is LIMITED!


NEW MOON Kundalini Meditation & Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tuesday, May 11 @ 7:00pm (In-Person Event)


This upcoming New Moon is the perfect time to revitalize your mind and body with a special Kundalini Meditation and Sound Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls at our private garden. Empower yourself to evolve making the change!


When: May 11th at 7:00pm

Call 305-790-0308 to RSVP today.

Energy Exchange: $30

Register online under the Schedule or Call Us 305-790-0308 to reserve your spot.

Space is LIMITED!


LIVE – Online – VIRTUAL Kundalini YOGA & Meditation Classes

Sat Nam

In times like this, when stress and anxiety are running high, we want to reach out and let you know that we are committed to our mission and to our students, now more than ever before.

Enjoy Kundalini Yoga classes with Jap Hari Kaur from the comfort of your home!

Boost your immune system and stay calm. Maintain a healthy and strong body, a clear and focused mind, and have an elevated attitude. In times like this is when we need YOGA and Meditation the most!

The donation for virtual classes is $8 per class & $80 Monthly Unlimited.

Other class packs are also available.

Sat Nam

Contact: 305.790.0308    /   info@abhayacenter.com





We are in an era of global consciousness, radiance, intuition and cooperation, the Age of Aquarius. What this era brings us would mean having to leave many things behind – old structures and ways of thinking, communicating and living are going to be left in the past. Confusion, depression and conflict will increase as the old ways of holding power – politically, religiously, socially and personally – fight to the end. This period of trial and growth will last until 2038.

One of the many Blessings in the Kundalini Yoga community, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is love for a discipline that enables us to awaken, expand, and refine our consciousness. With this expanded awareness we can act effectively, heal those in distress, and enjoy the tumultuous and spontaneous creativity of life.

We practice 40-day meditations to flesh out new experiences or expanded capabilities. We practice 90-day meditations to cleanse the subconscious and build new habits. We practice meditations for 120 days to bring this awareness to life in our daily lives. But when we want to experience mastery over our own being, and confirm our consciousness, regardless of any change in time, space and circumstances, we practice for 1000 days.

We will practice The Miracle Mantra Meditation (DHAN DHAN RAM DAS GURU MANTRA) for 11 minutes every day. If you like, you can increase the time to 31 minutes. Ideally choose a time to do it every day on a regular basis.

Get together with your friends and students. Practice in community: get together; be bright with your light; be powerful in your prayer; be prosperous; Face the future with open hearts and arms. Meditate for “An Elevated Global Consciousness and Superior Leadership”.

The 1,000 day meditation begins on May 7, 2020 and ends on January 31, 2023.

Sat Nam

Organizer: Abhaya Holistic Center

Questions and comments? info@abhayacenter.com

Contact: 305.790.0308    /   contact@abhayacenter.com