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Gong Puja

A puja of Gong is a group meditation of healing and group consciousness, where the group shares an intention (Peace, love, emotional growth, the awakening of consciousness, among others). This is carried out through a Sacred Ceremony, playing and listening to the sound of the Gong for seven and a half hours without any interruption.

The benefits of this vary in each person but you can work:

  • Reduction or elimination of stress and tensions
  • Balance of the mind and emotions
  • Liberation of fears, thoughts, and feelings that block the mind
  • Stimulation of the glandular system
  • Regeneration of the nervous system
  • Cleaning of the inner being
  • Harmonization and connection of the true essence and our inner being

A Puja of Gong lasts seven and a half hours and, therefore, the experiences and benefits of it can be more intense than those of the Gong bath.

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