Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Rediscover Your Authentic Self, reach your maximum potential and transform yourself to be the best you can be… Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher!

Level I

We are all born with the potential and internal structure to be happy and successful in life. However, very often, due to our negative programs and information overload, we experience a minimal share of that potential. Kundalini Yoga is a Sacred, effective and profound Technology that gives you an experience of vitality, serenity and balance, is a complete science that increases the health of the body and mind, and awakens the potential of your inner power and intuition.

By doing this training you will be able to develop a gradual growth that will raise your consciousness towards the state of “Yoga” – union with the spirit – a space of true freedom.
You will develop the skills to deepen yourself and instruct others with kriyas and Kundalini Yoga meditations according to the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. You will be in the hand of a valuable KRI certified team of trainers that will guide you through your personal and academic process.


220 hrs. of training distributed in 11 seminars (one weekend a month). Taught in Spanish with professional simultaneous translation to English and manuals in both Spanish and English.

Dates 2020-2021:

  1. Sept. 5 y 6
  2. Oct.  3 y 4
  3. Nov. 7 y 8
  4. Dec. 5 y 6
  5. Jan. 23 y 24
  6. Feb. 20 y 21
  7. Mar. 20 y 21
  8. April  17 y 18
  9. May  15 y 16
  10. June 12 y 13
  11. July 10 y 11

A) Early Registration.
ONE PAYMENT OF $2700 before July 11, 2020. (Save $335)
B) Registration payment $450 before July 11, 2020 and  remaining $2450 before September 5, 2020. (Save $135)
C) Monthly Payment Options: Registration deposit of $450 and 11 monthly payments of $235 (auto draft). For a total payment of $3035.


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You will experience depth, connection, and lots of joy. We appreciate your interest in our program. Sat Nam!