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Tantric Numerology

Kundalini Yoga is a science without limits. It has ample technology for Human Development. It is the Yoga designated for the awakening of consciousness in the Age of Aquarius, the era of light and renewal.
This is one of the legacies of Yogi Bhajan. Tantric Numerology is the tool that reveals to us, through deep studies, the exact characteristics of our own being.
The numbers speak to us to help us recognize ourselves and our capacities to achieve our mission in life. By knowing our particular numerology, we gain self-acceptance and self-help. It is from the study of Tantric Numerology that, as a guide and a revelation of who we are, we can understand and lead our life in a more satisfying way, until we reach the achievement of a completely fulfilling life.
Tantric numerology uses numbers from 1 to 11 and 5 aspects: Soul, Karma, Divine Gift, Destiny and Purpose. These main points may be out of balance, which may delay our development in the evolutionary process of life.
With the practice and discipline of Kundalini Yoga, we can harmonize our path and properly direct our life.
Yogi Bhajan, during his life’s journeys across the earth, sowed wonderful seeds that have been cultivated and cared for by practitioners of Kundalini Yoga. In case of Tantric Numerology, Gurudass Singh Khalsa continued this work in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain at the behest of Yogi Bhajan. Later, Maria Lapuente / Krishna, continued the research, application and use of Tantric Numerology.

Jap Hari Kaur
Founder is Abhaya Holistic Center.

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