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The Sound of Gong

As Rudhyar explained, “OM is the great gong tone of life”. Gong has the power of dematerialization, levitation, rejuvenation, inner peace, and immortality. Each tone is the “Ashvatta Tree,” the very essence and symbol of Nature. The tones are harmonic and the fundamental sound energy of the Being.

The sound is the wave that transports the tone, expressing the operation of the Creative Will. There are two forms of sound:
1) Ahatta, which is the sound physically perceived and
2) Anahatta, which is the silent sound within the heart that is mentally perceived.

The Gong produces living perceived tones that come directly from the creative, non-material, vacuum that the Buddhists call “The Void” and the Raja-yogis call “Shunia”.

A field of gong is a sacred space of sound full of vibrations AUM. The cosmic music of the Gong is called “dissonant harmony”. Sacred dissonance is not resolved in the material world but finds its resolution on the spiritual plane.

The sound of Gong, as a healing instrument, allows the vibration of sound to arrive simultaneously at the cells of living beings, may these be people or other, such as plants, animals, or the Earth itself. Fundamentally, the word Healing means to be complete, to have fullness, and to be completely resonant.

A practitioner of holistic health works on the premise that only the healing object can heal itself, whether it is a person or the Earth itself. A healer is simply someone or something that helps the object or human being to return to his or her innate being. Helping another to completely return to the peak of its resonant, in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense, constitutes the purpose of what we call Holistic Health.

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author: Jap Hari Kaur

-Hi there, I’m Sara and this is my ‘ - Sara is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and nutritionist with a major in human development and a minor in psychotherapy from Mexico. She currently lives in Miami and loves to help people in bettering their lives. She believes in living a comfortable life with a fresh mind, healthy body, and a spiritual outlook on life. Focusing on Kundalini Yoga, hymnologies, and a healing technique by the name of Satnam Rasayan. All in the name of developing conscious, happy, healthy, and holy people. For more information contact