Our Boutique

SAMBHAVANIGEM is a company dedicated exclusively to the craftsmanship and creation of Malas. Yogis dedicated to meditation and healing, carefully craft each Mala giving it a specific purpose. In practice, Malas are needed in meditation. SAMBHAVANIGEM, integrates and optimizes their use through the power set on the gems. Each Mala is carefully crafted to perfection to positively influence the bearers’ chakras harmonization processes, clearing of mind, cleaning of organs and systems, healing, and many more important aspects in a person’s life.

The energizing technique used in crafting each Mala is known as Sat Nam Rasayan. It is important to inform our clients that this is a powerful healing technique created by ancient Yogis from the formerly secret Kundalini Yoga in India. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness and is recognized among yogis as the mother of all yogas. With this technique, Sambhavanigem joins the force and beauty of the gems to create a true work of art.

Our Boutique:

Our center has available for purchase healing malas and bracelets that help establish a deeper mind, body and spiritual connection through the Sat Nam Rasayan technique. These also help cleanse the chakras and promote spiritual alignment.

The store carries all the materials needed to practice yoga, such as mats, blankets, books, and other items.